About us

Street Art Masters – interdisciplinary art group co- founded in 2003 by Asia Nitefor, focused around street performance, living statues, walking acts, theater, pantomime, street theater, the art of make up and costume design.

Our living statues and walking acts are very interactive, each character is different, refined, it is a small performance, a little story telling, strongly based on contact with the viewer and reacting to what is happening around. We like go beyound our own patterns and creating totally different characters and shows – from very active and interactive to slow motion moving and standing still for a long time.

Our experience derives from many years of theater work, dozens of acting and physical workshops, art schools, travels and exchange of experiences with other artists. We love street energy, interacting with audience, give people joy.

We cooperate with cultural institutions, event agencies, town halls, shopping malls, art galleries, festivals, corporations and more ( click here) . We perform in urban spaces, streets, parades, during many national and international festivals and events ( Poland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Italy, Latvia, Ukrainie, Bulgaria, Czech, England, Tenerife, Israel).

Asia Nitefor: co- founder, CEO, art director and performer of the Street Art Masters team. Traveller, ethnic singer and vocal teacher. Founder and art director of FRU Festival ( international street art festival, which took place in 2017, 2018 and 2019 in Poland).