About us

Street Art Masters – artistic group founded in 2003 by Asia Nitefor & Maciej Hanusek.

We operate around street performance, living statues, theater, pantomime, street art, street theater, costume design, the art of characterization and artistic make-up.
Our knowledge and experience derives from many years of theater and workshops experiences, travels around the world, art schools that we have graduated. 
We love street energy and we love people.
We have to perform in urban spaces, streets, national and international art festivals, living statues festivals and street art events. We cooperate with cultural institutions, event agencies, town halls, shopping centers, art galleries, festivals, corporations and more ( click here) .
About our activities and creativity – sky is the limit. Or not.

Joanna Asia Nitefor – co-founder and CEO of Street Art Masters. Traveller, folk singer. Founder and artistic director of FRU Festival – international street art festival, which take a place since 2017 in Poland ( Racibórz) and become a important element of the artistic landscape of polish festivals, increasing its scope every year.